Serving the Western United States for all of your drilling and blasting needs.


Contact High Sierra Blasting for all of your rock drilling and blasting needs, anywhere in the Western United States. We handle residential and commercial construction, trenching, road building, utility services and specialty projects including areas with difficult access. If you’re up against a rock, boulders or a hard place, call High Sierra Blasting.

Big & Small Jobs

Get your job, large or small, moving forward quickly and easily with High Sierra Blasting. We drill and blast rock for projects of any scale. From a single boulder to laying miles of line, High Sierra Blasting techniques range from high-explosives all the way to non-explosive methods where blasting is not an option. Contact us for the solution to your project.

Safe & Professional

Safety is first, second, third… and every step of the way with High Sierra Blasting. We’re fully insured for surface mining, residential, and commercial blasting; licensed and trained in the handling and use of explosives. High Sierra Blasting is committed to the highest levels of professionalism and safety on all jobs, big and small. Do it right. Do it safe.